Router Table Safety Dos and Don’ts

Router Table Safety Dos and Don’ts

Safety is very important when routing with your router mounted on a router table. As it is the case with other power tools, router table requires careful handling because a slightest mistake can result in serious injury. The router bits for example are very small but they spin at a very high speed and thus requires you to be fully attentive as serious accidents can occur as a result of inattention. If you have a router table, here are some safety dos and don’ts that you should take into consideration.

Begin by reading the user manual

Many people overlook the user manual of their router table or any other power tool. The truth is that the user manual is an important safety tool. Most of the manufacturers provide useful information and safety tips for the products in the user manual. These safety tips and other pieces of useful information provided by router tables review and comparison website and are created out of experiments and experience of the previous users. So, it is important that you read the user manual before you work with your router table. Besides, don’t think that because you have handled a router table before, there is nothing new again to learn with any other product. You should bear in mind that each product is unique and has its unique dos and don’ts. So, if you purchase even the best router table or you are using a router table for the first time, it is important that you read the user manual because it is from there that you will find out important description of its features.

Stay closer to the kill switch of the machine

It is important that you stay within an easy reach to the kill switch of the machine as you work with your router table moving around it. This is because it is your first port of call when the machine malfunctions. If the kill switch is within an easy reach from where you are, it will be easy for you to switch it off when there is any issue with the machine. In this way, you protect the machine from further damage and also prevent the occurrence of injury.

Avoid working with loose clothing

It is important that you put on safety wear when working with a router table but your safety clothing will become dangerous if it is dangling. So, do not wear any loose clothing or dangling jewelry as it can hook up to the spinning bit which can give you a serious injury or damage your clothing or jewelry.

Don’t over your work

You can imagine the seriousness of the injury that you will sustain if the spinning bit gets to you. The bit is able to cut through wood which is harder than your skin and so, if it gets at you, it will give you a serious and deep cut. This is why you should avoid leaning over your workpiece to prevent any possibility of such thing occurring. If you want to see your workpiece, it is advisable that you put off your machine.

Securing your wood

When you are cutting, it is important that you secure the wood firmly. This is because, the spinning wood can dangerously shoot it out when it gets in contact with it and it is not firmly secured. You don’t need to be told how dangerous flying woods are.

Other safety tips are

Ensure that the router is unplugged when you are changing the bit.

Put on hearing protection and safety glasses when routing.

Keep your fingers away from the bit by using feather boards to push sticks.