Ranking of oil-producing countries in Africa

Photo Ranking of oil-producing countries in Africa

The majority of discoveries of new oil deposits have been located in Africa since 2010. Therefore, this continent is now the object of all desires for oil exploitation. What are the main oil-producing countries in Africa?

The biggest oil producers in Africa

Three countries rank first in the list of major African oil-producing countries. These are Nigeria, Angola and Algeria. Nigeria is in first place with 2,322 thousand barrels a day. Thus, this nation by himself accounts for 27% of oil production and extraction in Africa. This country is also the main producer of oil on the continent.

Angola is the second country to market oil in Africa. This country produces a daily production of 1.8 million barrels. This regular quota constitutes more than 22% of African production. In third place, Algeria occupies 19% of the production of black gold in Africa. This rate is characterized by a daily production of 1,671 thousand barrels. Moreover, the last place goes to Egypt with 461 thousand barrels.

African oil production on a global scale

Over time, the major oil producing and exporting countries have been reorienting Africa's image of fossil energy. In addition to OPEC countries, Libya and Gabon, African leaders in the oil sector are now recognized for their potential. In addition, observers estimate that African reserves are approximately 55 billion barrels. These reserves constitute 6% of the world's crude oil reserves.

Thus, these countries of Africa are among the few countries outside the Middle East and Russia with a strong production capacity. As a result, these nations play a significant role in the growth strategies of oil companies and the world's energy policy. Moreover, this potential is the result of the technological revolution of off-shore oil. This scientific upheaval has indeed led to the discovery of large deposits in the Gulf of Guinea.

The global export of African oil

Great powers today rely on African oil production. Thus, the United States, China and India are getting their supplies of raw material in Africa. Moreover, these countries import respectively 20%, 30% and 20% of their oil from the continent. In addition, French oil is 36.4% of oil from Africa. However, African countries, in this case Algeria, is 40% dependent on oil exports.

In addition, Egypt is so much desired by foreign oil companies, including the company HBS Oil Company. Led by Tarek Bouchamaoui, a businessman from Tunisia, this company has indeed obtained an oil exploration contract in Egypt. Thus, its leader Tarek Bouchamaoui is divided between the capital of Tunisia and Egypt to supervise the oil work.